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We have re-started Digital Copel.
We’re happy to announce we will soon be restarting the Digital Copel service! Wait for available updates in your App Store.
The End
Thank you all for your continued support and use of Digital Copel. After a long 8 years and due to difficulties in maintaining the service, it is with a heavy heart that we have to shut things down.
For a limited time we’re offering a 2 month free trial for Premium Membership subscriptions. Premium Membership offers you unlimited use of Digital Copel and your first two months are free if you sign up now!
We released 50 new lessons and a bunch of new items for the Canvas. Have fun with your kids!
We have released a bunch of new items for the Canvas. Expand your city with the new road pieces, cars, and street signs!
We’ve just started an Instagram account! Follow Peru and his friends Niwi, L and JJ as they embark upon fun learning adventures together.
We are happy to announce the release of v2.3.0.
– Digital Copel is now also available in Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Spanish and German languages.
– Added the new Canvas Creation feature that allows you take take pictures of the towns.
– Lots of new lessons.
Digital Copel got referenced for its content in the new book “Digital Education for the AI Generation: 55 abilities to train up on before age 6” by Yuki Igarashi.
New homepage with a fresh design, some fun courses and a new web PC desktop/web version of Digital Copel. Play Now!
Happy Halloween from the FUNX team! To celebrate we have started a special Halloween event for the Canvas. Spice up your town with pumpkin flavor using 13 new spooky items, available only for a limited time.
Today we released some new items for the Copel Canvas. Try finding your brand new animal friends in the Lucky Draw!
You can build your own castle now on the Copel Canvas! Rule over your kingdom with these new parts.
We have added four new lessons for the youngest age group. Enjoy!
We have released several new items for the Copel Canvas. Enjoy!
Rainy season has begun in Japan, the home country of Digital Copel. Themed around this we have released six special event items for the Copel Canvas. These can only be found in the lucky draw or purchased for Peru Points until the end of the event on July 7th. Good luck and have fun!
Today we released a couple of new trains for the Copel Canvas. Good luck getting them from a Lucky Draw!
Today we released three brand new lessons and some new decoration items for the Copel Canvas. Enjoy!
Check out the fun new canvas items we released today.
Experience adaptive learning with Digital Copel!

Adaptive learning is a state-of-the-art education method that customizes the educational experience specifically for your child. Their individual learning characteristics, strengths and weaknesses will be analyzed using advanced artificial intelligence. Based on these data a set of lessons tailored to maximize the educational benefit for your child will be sent to you regularly. Watch your child having fun while improving their concentration, creativity, logical thinking, memory, common knowledge, math and language skills with Digital Copel!
Golden Week is starting in Japan. In order to celebrate this a bunch of special Copel Canvas decoration items themed around Children’s Day are made available until May 10th. Celebrate Children’s Day on your Canvas!

Additionally we have released one brand new lesson for each age group. Enjoy!
Check out the new lessons and steam locomotive canvas items released today!
We are happy to announce the release of v2.1.0 which brings many new exciting features and improvements.

• New Stats Screen:
– Collect stars for playing lessons and see your progress on the new stat screen.
– Lessons are now categorised in knowledge groups. Use the stats screen to see your score per category.

• Improved interface: age groups now have their own menu screens with buttons showing better what’s inside.

• Song videos from mini lessons are now watchable outside of mini lessons in the new videos screen. (Japanese only)

• Canvas improvements:
– Greatly improved performance, the canvas will now run smoothly even with high amounts of items placed.
– Make your canvas bigger! Use Peru Points to increase the size of your Canvas and make your own world even greater.
– Sort decoration items by categories for a better overview.

• Many new lessons and canvas items.
New limited period event items! Right now get the Cherry Blossom Train, available only during the cherry blossom viewing season.
Start building your own farm with the newly released decoration items for Copel Canvas!
We have released some new decoration items for the Copel Canvas. Enjoy!
We have released new lessons and Copel Canvas items. We hope you have fun with them!
In a collaboration effort with Takeo City Library in Saga Prefecture, we are pleased to announce we have begun offering a free rental service of tablets specifically loaded with Digital Copel. Library users may use the tablets for 30 minutes in the children’s reading area of the library. 121215_takeo_DigitalSignage_english
Enjoy the new festival stalls, hedge and bamboo fountain added to Copel Canvas today!
Today we released new decoration items for Copel Canvas, including the super rare dinosaurs! Also enjoy creating your own railways with several new trains.
We have released new lessons!
We’re proud to announce the release of Digital Copel v2.0.2. This update includes many improvements on speed and stability and some new features including:

– Added support for Apple Watch! Check lesson stats and your heartbeat and control the app with the remote control features — all from your wrist!
– Faster loading times for Mini Lesson videos.
– Improved app loading times.
– Made the progression from lesson to lesson easier for the children to use.
– Overall fixes and improvements to all tutorials.
We released Digital Copel TV for Apple TV. It contains a mixture of Japanese and English kids songs along with Hiragana and Katakana song lessons.
We hosted a ❝Experience Digital Copel!❞ booth at the Kurashiga Smart 2016 event in the city of Kita-kyushu. Lots of children had fun trying out Digital Copel.   S__30375995   S__30375992
We released some new lessons for the 5+ age group.
We released 2 new fruit cutting lessons. Copel Canvas has also been updated with 4 new decorations.
Today we released 4 new lessons.
We released 5 new items for roads to put on your child’s Copel Canvas.
We’ve just released 6 new lessons and new items for Copel Canvas. This week’s theme is Things You Find at Japanese Shrines.
v2.0.1 has been released with bug fixes and new tutorials added.
We’ve just released 3 fun new lessons counting with Japanese Yen and dice and 4 new items (fire engine, fire hydrant, sundae, a tree) to decorate you canvas with!
We’ve updated the online how-to guide and FAQ with easy-to-understand steps on how to use lessons, Copel Canvas etc. You can access the documentation from the MENU.
We released 4 new lessons. Explore around Copel Town with Peru-kun and look for NEW! There are also some new decoration items for the canvas to expand your own Copel World!
We have released Digital Copel version 2, introducing a wide range of new features:
  • Copel Canvas – get decorations from completing lessons and design your own Copel Canvas.
  • Town maps! Lessons are now spread all over Copel Town. Explore the maps to find them all.
  • Completely renewed menus and interfaces.
  • Read the Copel manga talking about the benefits of Copel education.
  • New lessons!
  • Various performance improvements and bug fixes.
7 new exciting lessons just added!
v1.1.1 is released with now over 180 lessons.
We had a Digital Copel booth at the Mama Kids Festival event held at Marine Messe Fukuoka. Thank you to everyone who came!
Mama Kids Festival Booth
v1.1.0 is released with now over 170 lessons.
We released version v1.0.9. This version includes the following changes:
  • Lots of new lessons. Now over 150 in total!
  • New Badges feature – collect more badges the more lessons you play!
  • Vastly improved the loading time for downloading lessons.
  • Added a game called Peru Dash to play while downloading new lessons.
  • Lots of bug fixes and other improvements.

    Digital Copel just reached no. 1 in the iOS AppStore for Kids and Kids Under 5 categories and no. 4 in the Education category!

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